Let's Talk About Size..

Let's Talk About Size..

Yes, men can wear women's socks and women can wear men's socks! Don't stress about labels. The primary reason we label a sock with a particular gender is mostly because of sizing as men's feet are typically larger than women's. With socks, all that really matters is comfort.

If you are a lady with bigger feet wondering, “Can a woman wear men's socks?” the answer is yes! You can also wear women's socks, which will be most comfortable for you if you wear a women's shoe size between 6 and 10. Or you can choose a larger size or a “men's” sock for feet that are a women's shoe size 9 or larger. And don't worry that your options will be limited to just masculine-looking styles. You will find many of the exact same designs for men as for women. Our fun socks don't know the difference!

If your feet are smaller than a women's size 8.5 but you enjoy a looser fitting sock, you can still try wearing men's socks. Just be aware that sometimes the heels of the socks will land higher on your ankles and stick out above the backs of your shoes.

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