How to Wear Fun, Colorful, Bold Socks..

How to Wear Fun, Colorful, Bold Socks..

Your socks are one of the most fun yet important parts of your outfit. Why choose just any old pair of socks when you can showoff that amazing personality of yours with some fun and crazy socks! Whether you're headed out for a formal event or going on a first date, you want to make the most of every opportunity to show that you are fun, stylish and know how to rock the sock game! 😎

Rule #1, there are no rules. Use your imagination, go crazy! Okay, okay, maybe there aren't any rules but there are some simple..umm.."guidelines". 

1. Whether you’re dressing for a casual, semi-formal, or formal event, your socks should reflect the rest of your outfit. Casual events are perfect for crazy and colorful socks. Semi-formal (or business casual) settings may still allow for slightly crazy  socks but keep the crazy to a dull roar. In more formal settings (full suit and tie), it’s best to keep the color of your socks similar to that of your suit or tie but still okay to utilize fun patterns like music notes, animals, or whatever. 🤵

2. Because of the crazy, fun sock trend, people are wearing their pants shorter and shorter. This is okay but there's a fine line between trendy and tacky. Sometimes those lines get blurred so always error on the side of trendy instead of tacky. If you're wearing your pants shorter than the homeless guys down under the bridge then you may want to let a little pant out. No offense to the homeless folks, they can rock the socks too! 🧔


3. Stay away from the dreaded color clash! While very bold and colorful socks are now the norm, avoid wearing socks that clash with your outfit. For instance, if you’re wearing olive green chinos, stay away from bright red pair of socks (unless it’s the Christmas season!). If your socks clash too much with the rest of your outfit, the entire ensemble may just look clownish. 🤡

4. If you have other elements in your outfit that are loud and patterned, it may be best to keep the crazy above the pant line and below the shoe line. The pattern of your pants may clash with your socks and you're back to the dreaded clown look. Another consideration when choosing an appropriate fun sock is the setting. For example, you probably shouldn't wear smiley face socks to a funeral. 😬

Last but certainly not least, have fun with it, after all what's the worst thing that could happen? We're talking about socks, the stakes are low. Don't sweat it, ever! If you need some inspiration, check out our Instagram for hundreds of sweet sock shots and hashtags. 📱



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